My name is Anja Jargil, I was born north of Copenhagen, Denmark, in a January snowstorm in the year 1981. I am an only child of awesome parents, who were very busy working, but also found a lot of time to support me and my crazy ideas growing up.

Beauty and playing with looks came into my life early on. My first beauty icon was my mom. She always wears makeup and does her hair. Even on a Sundays. She looked good for my dad – and for herself.
My mom took me out to buy my first mascara when I was around 13, I remember being curious about makeup. But at 13 I was still so just a kid playing, and I didnt spend much time wondering about my apperance. Actually I loved to run around in pink tracksuits, worn out sneakers and I had had short practical hair.
… But then puberty set in and everything changed. Insecurity came rushing out of nowhere and it hit me like a highspeed train! While now being very much aware of how I looked, I grew taller than most of the girls in my class overnight and starting getting rounder in certian areas. I looked so different from the others, and tried to navigate in a whole new world. My coping was to dress like the boys. Or at least some of the boys. In baggy pants and metal tshirts. I didn’t see see me fitting in with the rest of the girls. They listened to Take That, East 17 and Ace of Base and still wore extreme amounts of pink clothes, I listened to Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies and began wearing black.

One shy teenager, her dad and Lars Ulrich!

I might have worn the pants baggy, but I did however go ALL IN on makeup. I was hugely inspired by Marilyn Manson and Tairrie B. I remember my parents being quite overbearing and supportive of my heavy makeup fetish. I spent hours painting my face with endless amounts of products. This experimenting and playing with makeup have been an important component of my life ever since. To this day I enjoy trying out new techniques, ideas and just having fun.
Back in the teenage years I used rock magazines to discover new types of makeup. I would try to copy the cool looks on myself. This also applied to my hair. I remember begging my parent s to let me dye my hair red. Really red. I had seen Sibyl Buck, a model that Jean Paul Gaultier used, who had amazing deep fire red hair and dreadlocks.. I was too chicken to go for the dreadlocks when I learned it all had to be chopped off if I regretted it.

Finally my parents caved in when I was around 15. I vividly I remember my dad helping me putting in box dye from the supermarket. We bought one box, which was about enough for dying one third of my hair. We clearly had no idea what we were doing! It turned a strange orange-red color, but even if it looked a bit strange, I really loved it!
My mom took me to her hairdresser to have it colored properply. I happily pointed out the brightest blue-red she had on the color chart. It turned out the color I wanted! But just on my roots. The rest of it washed out again.
I was so disappointed! Later, being taught hairdressing I now know how I could have solved my teenage haircrisis. But the first redhead-experience made me curious.

I went to high school (or gymnasium, as it is called in Denmark), not knowing what I “what I wanted to be”. I was bored and skipped a lot of classes, still didn’t really feel like I belonged there. I liked playing bass, so music was a main priority at that time in my life.

In the beginning of my second year I got sick for a month. Having skipped a lot of classes already it wasn’t looking good for my education. I decided to drop out – not knowing what I wanted to do.

Luckily I found a education program called the “free youth education”. I am lucky to grow up in a county where most education is free. I chose four months of music classes, with philosophy and art and four months of private lessons with the bass teacher to see if it was music I wanted to do professionally. I also choose six months of art school (drawing, painting, sculpting) and finally the year that all made sense: Makeup artist school. Hallelujah! I did both a classic beauty makeup and a course in special effects makeup, but I totally feel in love with avantgarde makeup and did a further specialty course in that. Makeup artist school opened so many creative doors for me. What I love about makeup is that you can change someone’s appearance so much, you can be beautiful, edgy, in disguise… and then you can wash it all off and start over and be something new!

I tried to work as a freelance makeup artist when I finish the school, but I had no concept of economy (duuuhh… I was 19 and just spend the money I earned when I had it!), so after six months of struggeling to make ends meet I decided that I better get a REAL education. Something where I was garantied job options and something where I could still use my makeup and creative skills. Hairdressing was it!
These experiences sent me on the path, I’m still on: Hair, make up, photos, styling. A permanent expedition into making myself the best version of me, bringing fun into everyday life and helping other feel great about themselves.

I hope to inspire you on this blog to take the time to have fun with hair and makeup, teach you tips and tricks that might make your morning a bit easier and make you feel pretty every day, so you can meet the world knowing you look your best. The opions on this blog will be my personal ones, and please bear in mind that I’m here to inspire, not to critize or offend anyone, I do however have some strong opinons but also a lot of humor! I hope you will enjoy a glimpse into my world.