Anja Jargil / Miss Lush Exterior

39 years old. Living with the love of my life at wonderful Nørrebro in Copenhagen.
Love #travelling #wine #food #music #bubbles #hangingwiththegirlfriends

• Finished training as makeup artist in 2000, Makeup Artist Skolen, Odense.
• Finished four years of training as hairdresser 2004, from Jane Bill – At of cutting, Ordrup.
• Hairdresser at Købmagergade, Teaching color and cutting at Stuhr as part of Stuhrs Creative Team
• Manager and hairdresser at Hairdresser on Fire, København K.
• Hairdresser, teaching and preparing shows at M-T Sharp
• Owner of Hårlogen since 2011, now Lush Lounge

Now also working as an educator for Headbrands, teaching mostly hairdresser about the many exciting brands that Headbrands have in their portfolio.

My mission in life is to spread the gospel of making everyday something great. Every day you have the option of making yourself feel better by spoiling yourself, playing and having fun and doing it in the most glamourous way possible!

My life is divided in two:

Lush Lounge
My hairdressing salon, where I cut, color and style a broad variety of people: From young punks to mature ladies – and everyone in between.

Miss Lush Exterior
Where life is my playground. Makeup, burlesque, photography, creative projects.

The Lounge and the Miss has the same purpose: Making others feel prettier, having more fun and enjoying life.