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Month April 2017

1-2-3 Testing! This Works!? ❤️

In this returning segment I will write little reviews of some of the beauty products I pick up here and there. I follow a lot of rad inspirational people on instagram, and I often end up buying alot of recommended… Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting: Mane Issuses.. a tribute to Hairspray! ❤️

How do you wash your hair? Treat your skin? Do you connect the appearance of you skin/hair to how you treat it? In my job i talk to a lot of clients who have issues with dry or/and itchy scalp,… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the world of Lady Lush! ❤️

My name is Anja Jargil, I was born north of Copenhagen, Denmark, in a January snowstorm in the year 1981. I am an only child of awesome parents, who were very busy working, but also found a lot of time… Continue Reading →

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