Miss Lush Exterior is my alter ego. Where I have creative play time that never ends, doing burlesque, photography, modelling, choreography, styling, interior design and much more.

I created Miss Lush Exterior as my alter ego for a community called Turbojugend. (If you wanna know more it can be found here: www.turbojugend.net). It is a tribute to one of my biggest sources of inspiration, the now late, Lux Interior of the Cramps.
The name had to come along, because at 30 I promised myself that I would to to do a burlesque act before I turned 35…
So I needed a stage name, and Miss Lush Exterior was puuurfect!

But my burlesquing days started with a Jungle Jane character as a fun little go go act with the Go Go Gorilla. In November 2014 I was at the stage for the very first time at the Burlesque Hypnotique at Husets theater in November 2014.
A great experience. No nudity though – just a whole lot of shaking and the finale was having a banana ‘pulled out’ (it’s a trade secret) of my behind.

After that I wanted more! I wanted to try to go all in, being sexy and stripping. But I also wanted to be fun and show that I really don’t take myself too seriously. I came up with a very classic burlesque style beauty queen act. This time seemingly pulling a flute out of my derriere and played a solo. This has become somewhat of a signature move! 😉

I also do photoshoots as a model, which is a lot of fun, so please contact me if you have crazy ideas!
In the future I would like to be more behind the camera as well. I would love to be able to have total control of the vision, the hair, makeup, styling and lights on shoots and make my photo ideas come to life.