How do you wash your hair? Treat your skin? Do you connect the appearance of you skin/hair to how you treat it?

In my job i talk to a lot of clients who have issues with dry or/and itchy scalp, oily scalp or different breakouts on the skin. Sometimes the solutions are very simple, other times so many little things conincied that it is impossible to find the cause.

Here I will mention some of the exsamples I have come across, so maybe if you have similar issues you can benefit from my expiriences, and maybe solve a little ‘grrrr!!’ in your daily life. We all know these can be life or death situations! 😉

Let’s start out with the mane issues:

Start by noticing the good days, what did you do to get there!? Was your hair newly washed or a few days worn? What did you do/use when you washed and styled it? I personally have a very strict routine with washing and styling, I of course test new things, but I would never stray from what I know works if I have an important date (that also goes for skincare routines). Then there is that whole big world out there that is only trying to fuck up your hairdo! Is it hot, wet, cold, dry!? The worst is the windy and humid sort of weather, I always keep a little old lady style plastic cap in my handbag if I get caught out there. Hairspray is and will always be my mane weapon of choice, and here during winter times I spray the shit out of my hair. It’s practically laminated when I go out. A good thing to remember when using hairspay is not just to spray the top of your hair, get that good stuff all in there, flip it, shake it. Always give the nape and underneath area a good spray, that’s where it gets hot and humid quickly later preferbly from dancing, but could also be something as dull as runing to catch the bus. I also always bring a travelsize hairspray in my handbag.. If nothing else, you can also defend yourself with it!

When I talk to clients in my salon, I find the most common styling problem is making your hairstyle last. I in most cases think it’s because lack of products, especially hair spray. A good spray means lifting up the hair, flipping it down, and then do a finish spray in the end.. Get that style laminated good! 🎉

If you can find a good spray that also is anti frizz it’s even better, I used to love Fudge Texture Anti Frizz Deconstuction Spray, but that has unfortunately been discontinued (why god?! WHY!??).

My all time fave is Fudge Membrane Gas!

It’s a qutie strong hold hair spray with fibres which gives you a very flexible, yet very lasting hold.

I can’t start to tell you how much I love this hairspray.. You can sculpt with it, you can use it as a beach spray, you can can prep and finish an updo! It is however a product with a very strong hold factor, so you do get that very ‘hair spray’ feel to begin with, but after 30 min your hair starts to feel like hair again, and then it just holds any style untill you succumb to humidity or get caught in the rain. It also works well when you brush it through, keeps the style set neatly. The only downsides this product has is that it’s quite matte (which can be fixed with shine spray on top!), and that it clogs quite easily (which can be either scratched off, or in extreme cases removed with warm water on the nozzle).

If you use alot of hair spray (or just a lot of products in general), it is a really good idea to use a detox shampoo every once in a while, to make sure you don’t get build up of product on your hair and scalp.