Summer is upon us and that means loads of weddings and big parties where you wanna look your best… all day and night! I get a lot of clients in the salon who worry about their makeup migrating to places where it shouldn’t be during a long day and their hair collapsing. Don’t worry, if you follow these tips you should be good to go and just have care free fun.

It might be early, but I’m wearing a funny hat, so I’m allowed!

First of all, the week up to a big event I would never do anything I don’t nomally do, skincare wise. It might be tempting to try some new miracle cream or mask, but you are also flirting with the danger of a massive breakout, so stick to what you know works for you. If you do feel a breakout coming (which is f’ing typical), leave it be, and try some spot treatment overnight. I really like Kiehl’s Blue Herbal spot treatment and Acne and Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. If the spot is still there on the day, use concealer on it and powder, and repeat untill you have the desired coverage. Bring your concealer with you, so you can freshen up during the day.

Hair wise, try to time your hair wash so your hair is at the point where you like it the most with the desired style. If I’m gonna do an updo, I find it alot easier if it’s been 2-3 days since I washed it. If I’m going for a loose style I usually wash it the day before. I have also gotten into the routine of curling my hair and putting it on foam rollers the night before, so I don’t need to be stressed out before the big event. Sleeping with foam rollers in also gives a great last and bounce to the curls.

Do your nails the night before as well, you don’t want to be stressed out while putting on nail polish! We all know it will go everywhere and you will end up having nails that look like they’ve been painted by a 5 year old!

I would also be sure to wear something you feel comfortable in. Both clothes, makeup and hair. It shows if you’re uncomfortable, and it’s neither sexy or flattering. I understand the need to wanna try a new look, but then give it a test spin during the week so you know how it feels and looks on you. Vacuum in your new heels and dress, or have a little dance party by yourself at home so you know that it works and feels good. Testing a new party makeup or hairdo on the day of the event is also increasing chances of a fail where you will end up being stressed or angry right before going out the door. Just stick to what works for you, and you will save yourself (and maybe also your partner who has to listen to you, while you bitch over your stupid hair or fake eyelashes) a lot of stress and get the day off to a good start. If you wanna try something new, practise it during the week. Alternatively go to a salon and get your hair and makeup done, by someone brillant and professional (like me! ❤️) and enjoy getting pampred.

Powder face!

On the big day, make sure that you have time to do your look like you want it. I try always to aim for a stressless time before a party.. I get so cranky and end up feeling like I don’t wanna go (Anja, 5 years old! 🙈) if I’m stressed getting out the door, and the feeling can stick around for a few hours. It’s not fair to the party you’re attending, they date you have, and most of all yourself.

Take a nice long shower (I have a special chocolate scrub that smells amazing from RAZspa i use before a big event, don’t scrub your face, because it can make your skin red!), Put on some good music and maybe even have little glass of bubbles to get in the mood. I usually dab a bit of perfume on all my major pulse points (back of knees, armpits, neck), this gives a nice longlasting fragrance. If it’s an outdoor event, make sure to put on sunscreen, you don’t wanna look like a lobster after a few hours. Take your time to do your hair and makeup and try to have fun with it. This time can be one of my most favourite things, sometimes even more fun than the actual event.

Remember to have fun in the process!

When you get to your makeup, make sure to moisturize well and let it absorb before you start, using a makeup primer can also be a good idea. No matter which foundation you use, if anything at all, loose powder is a MUST to make makeup last. From what I hear, it’s a very common problem; you eye makeup ends up in your crease as a colorful mush. Use a alot of loose powder all over your face, you might look very cakey to start with, but you can brush off excess and after a little while your skins natural moisture will also soften the makeup-y look. I also take an big fluffy eyeshadow brush and powder my eyes very carefully, this will prevent eyeshadow migration later. I also find that this is where you can see the difference between good quality makeup and bad. Cheaper brands can be more stuffed with cheap mineral oils, and have lower pigmentation, so investing in something that works and lasts, might be a good idea.

Do your makeup how you want it. If you’re wearing lipstick, use a lipliner, it will give you a shaper result, and will also give you a better lasting lipstick. I always go for longlasting liquid lipsticks for parties. I think MAC, Makeup Forever and Kat Von D do some brilliant ones. They can however be a bit drying on the lips, so make sure you moisturize before and after (but dry off before you put on the lipstick).

Do your hair in the style you want, and use alot of hairspray (see previous blog on my love of hairspray! ❤️), and you’re good to go! 🎉

The result of my hard work

Stuff to bring on the road:

Mini hairspray, chewing gum or mints, lipstick and liner, kohl eyeliner, tissues (can be good for many things) and compact powder.

Add ons for extra special occasions (like if you’re the bride!):

Mini perfume (ask for a sample when you buy it), hair pins, wet wipes (if it really gets messy!), a bottle of water (can take the top of tipsy times!), and a pair of changing shoes (you dont’t want to stop dacing just because your feet hurt!)


Hope you have some fun parties this summer and please tag me on instragram (@misslushexterior) if you use some of my tips! ❤️

There was still a little makeup left when I came home 12 hours later.