Friday I finally relaunched my shop, after working for about 6 months on the new concept. I chose to switch name and relauch because I needed a fresh start for me.. I think when you have a small shop and a very regular and loyal client base, you need to keep yourself fresh and creative! I always feared becoming one of those hairdressers who ask their regulars: Same as last time!? You have to keep challenging yourself on a daily basis whatever you do, to get better at it, or as a minumum not for it to get boring.

I wanna focus on more styling, makeup and photography with Lush Lounge, but I love hairdressing and it’s also what my business is based on, so I of course want to keep evolving as a hairdresser.

I also decided after trying to have employees for about 5 years that it’s not for me, atleast not where I’m currently at. I want to have more creative freedom, which also means taking the time off work that I need to get some other fun projects jammed in there. When I’m alone, I can work whenever I want, and that’s quite liberating… I have to be fast though, because my loyal awesome clients book me up so quickly! ❤️

Fridays launch was an awesome day, I had help from Johanne who works for me twice a week, Sidsel my rad homegirl and my fave idiot Joachim. We made a ton of canapés, had loads of bubbles and my infamous Fish House Punch (It really packs a punch! 👊🏻

It was a great night with a good mix of friends, loads of laughs and lots of beautiful flowers and presents. I wasn’t really expecting such a turnout or that many presents, so it was quite overwhelming! ☺️

Thanks to everyone who backed me up in this, it is awesome to have your support! Special thanks to Susanne Frederiksen for the sweet graphics, Rikke Winkler Nilsson for the WP help, Linda Havanna for the writing tips, and my fave idiot boyfriend Joachim for having my back! ❤️

Here is some pictures from the evening!

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If you wanna get in to the Lush Lounge mood with some good tunes, you can listen to then here: