I have decided to share my salon with two awesome ladies..

I’ve been having some health issues the last few years that has led to me realizing I have to chill out with my working hours as a hairdresser. My back has been acting up and for the last few months my knee has been troubling me. I’m working hard with a fysio and a personal trainer to get back to 100%.. BUT! This post was not suposed to be about my beat up hairdressers body.. Just a little explaination of why this happens now! I need kickass chicks to help me run and bring some fresh energy to the shop! 🎉

I happened to be so lucky that when my knee started acting up, and I was thinking desperate thoughts I was contacted by a lovely scottish las via facebook. We had common friends who have suggested we got in contact over the last few years, but Angie still lived in Scotland so nothing really came of it. I was told that Angie was an awesome woman who knew what she was doing. Of course that couldn’t be passed up, so we had a meeting in the fall and had instant chemistry and a ton of stuff in common. Angie is from Scotland and has moved to Copenhagen in October, to finally live with he husband Walter. She has been working in a salon i Edinburgh for 12 years after a detour from the profession for a few years, doing photography college course and helping in a Indian motorcyle restoration shop.

Angie enjoys interior decorating, farting about in the garden (in her own words 😉) and a gig on a saturday night. You will probably catch her out and about in Copenhagen nightlife if you’re into rock n’ roll like the Cramps, Soul or Garage rock. She is looking for the right motorcycle to spend her danish summer on. Angie loves hairdressing because it’s always evolving creatively and you can keep learning new stuff.


A month or so after I had the meeting with Angie my old apprentice and favourite Bambi, Kelly, reached out to me on facebook. After living abroad for some years Kelly has come back to Copenhagen. She is my first apprentice in the shop and most of you who frequent Lush Lounge will remember her from the shop 5 years ago.

Kelly graduated first hairdressing school and then became a makeup artist back in 2014, and then she left us for the wild life of exotic Berlin. She has worked for a danish hairdresser there and learned german all along, and after 3 years there, warm winds swept her to Bristol where she has lived and working in Shambarber. Away from the temptations of the big city, Kelly finally started her dream jewellery company, Dvinge Scandianvian. You can find some of her jewellery line in Lush Lounge or online at Etsy.

I was excited that Kelly was back in town, because she is a very gifted young hairdresser who I always loved to work with.. The idea of Kelly working in another salon than Lush Lounge is just nuts!

I could be corny and finish up with: And the rest is history… But history is just beginning, and we are all damn excited to work together and welcome you into the rebuild shop on 13/3.

We need your help though, please tell everyone you know….


You can already book your cut and/our color with both of them on our online booking! 😘