I have been doing more and more photography on the side, and this last year it has really taken off!

I took a Masterclass in portrait photography at Fotoskolen Fatamorgana with the brilliant Søren Rønholt earlier this year.. And it really pushed me further both technically and personally. I find it exhilarating to learn a new trade and that has also rubbed off on my hairdressing and makeup artistry.

I try to do as many photoshoots as I can in my time off from the salon. I love that the process is so much longer than what I’m usually used to as a hairdresser, and that I can combine my hair and makeup skills to enhance my photos as well.

For more about Søren Rønholt go to: https://roenholt.dk

For more on the masterclass at Fatamorgana, which is highly recommend go to: https://www.masterclass.fata.dk

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Here are a few exsamples of my recent work: