A few months ago I had the pleasure of working with two of my awesome friends on a photoshoot for Lola Ramona shoes. I have known Gitte Sandquist who owns Lola Ramona for many years now, I fact, she was one of the key people helping me out when I bought my shop 6 years ago. I had no idea what the hell I was doing or how the whole economy side of running a business worked.. So I went to her showroom one friday evening, had way too many beers and returned with a startup business plan on 4 post-its! Over the years Gitte has been a great mentor and anchor to talk business with, and also having way too many beers with. We always talked about doing something fun with our brands together, but time flies when you both have businesses to run. The time is now, though!

At Gittes birthday some months ago we (again had way too many beers!) talked about how she wanted to do a shoot for Lola Ramona, and I imidiately thought of my good friend and photographer Hege Karoliussen. Hege and I have done many shoots the past few years, both with models and she’s also done quite a few shots of me. I love Hege’s open and creative approach to photography, and we always have soo much fun when we shoot.

So the dreamteam was gathered and we made it all happen in under a month! Gitte had some amazing ideas to start with, and Hege and I tried to pick her brain to make it come to life in pictures.

Hope you like the result of our work! 🎉

Concept by Gitte Sandquist, Photo by Hege Karoliussen, Hair and Makeup by me, Anja Jargil.

For more info on Hege check out:


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Stay tuned for more Lola Ramona collab coming up, and if you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of my private (rather large) collection of their awesome shoes! ❤️